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Talk2Svelte is a library integrating the SpeechRecognition API in Svelte.

It allows to interact with a web application using voice commands.

Start the demo

To enable speech recognition, you first have to click on the greyed icon at the top of the page.

If the SpeechRecognition API is supported on your navigator, you will be prompted to accept the usage of your microphone and the icon will turn black.

Note: make sure to be in a relatively quite environment or the demo might be relatively disappointing.

Let's voice-click this button!

Here is a button:

You can click on the button to increase the counter, but you can obtain the same result by saying "Click".

More examples?

Just go to the Examples section in the top navigation menu.

Hey, but wait a minute… Why should you click on the actual menu entry? That's boring!

Just say "Menu", and then "Examples"